It goes without saying that payroll is one of the most important regular tasks for an organisation. Every business owner knows you have to pay your people accurately and on time. Not only to comply with the law, but so that your people turn up and deliver the work you require. 

We recognise it is a fundamental activity for our clients. So applying great care and diligence to the payrolls we administer is at the heart of what we do.

Myself and my team feel privileged to be entrusted by our clients to look after their payrolls, and so we will always go above and beyond to deliver and build strong relationships with each and every one of our clients.

Linda Kelly
Director & Head
of Payroll

Linda Kelly

The Challenges of Modern Day Payroll

Over recent years, layers of intricacy have emerged meaning that making sure your staff are paid on time and accurately is no longer a simple task.

It is time consuming

Without doubt, we recognise that administering payroll is now a time consuming task for many organisations. As a result, diverting a great amount of energy and resources from the core activities of your business. For this reason, outsourcing to us will give you and your staff back the time you need to focus on running and growing your business.

It has become increasingly complex

Payroll has become increasingly complex over the years. What used to be a quick task once a week or month has become a detailed process. E.g. pension auto enrolment, Real Time Information reporting, not to mention the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme have added layers of complexity which can be burdensome to navigate. In order to make things easier for employers, our expert staff will complete your payroll activities seamlessly, giving you peace of mind it is being done properly.

It is now highly technology driven

Gone are the days of a simple spreadsheet and bank transfer. Payroll is now a highly technology driven process from running the payroll itself to feeding into HMRC and your pension provider. However, many organisations are not equipped to deal with this in an efficient way. Thus, outsourcing can make a world of difference for your business. We have state of the art technology solutions administered by our staff to run your payroll like a well-oiled machine.

Read about how our team has helped our clients

Indeed, our key focus is to deliver a high quality service to our clients. So we are always delighted to receive great feedback on how we have helped our clients save time, leaving them to focus on what’s important in growing their business.

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Why should you outsource your payroll to us?

Not all providers are made equal. Our team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals will ensure all of your payroll needs are met. At the same time, building a strong relationship with you in the process of providing our services. In essence, we take pride in being people-focused and believe in tailoring our services to the needs of our clients.

Firstly, ensuring your staff are paid on time is a crucial activity for every business, and can be hindered when in house payroll staff are sick or leave. Hence, outsourcing your payroll to us means your payroll will always be in hand no matter what happens. And thus, leaving your staff to focus on core business activities.

Secondly, we reduce the requirement for you to invest substantial capital expenditure on hardware and software costs required to deal with increasingly complex payroll requirements.

Lastly, we are experts at what we do and can guide you through the complexities of payroll and workplace pensions. Above all, we provide you with whatever support you need in meeting the payroll challenges you face.