Employee Handbook Policies

While not legally required, an employee handbook is an essential document that all companies should provide to their employees. An employee handbook should involve outlining policies and procedures of your company to explain to employees what to do or expect when handling various issues that can occur at work.

Top Five Policies with HR expert Lois McMurtrie

One of the most frequently asked questions is what policies to include in an employee handbook. Watch a short video below, where our Head of HR Lois McMurtrie discusses what are the top five policies she recommends you to include in your employee handbook to ensure clarity and transparency.

HR Health Check

If you would like a free online ‘health check’ for your company, simply complete a short form by visiting our page here. Our team of HR experts will review your answers and get in touch with you to chat through their overall view of how well you comply, and particular areas you may wish to address. 


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"I was never quite sold on the merits of HR until I started working with FD People. Lois McMurtrie converted my view around the value of the HR function – she has worked directly with me on a number of key HR projects which have fundamentally changed how we approach people management and which have positively impacted our business and critically our bottom line."

Free online Health & Safety 'Health Check'

We understand health & safety in the workplace can feel like a minefield. Navigating health & safety legislation at the best of times can leave organisations feeling at a loss as to where to start, and the coronavirus pandemic has only conflated this.

Our health & safety experts at FD People can provide a free interim review of your health & safety procedures to help you understand if your health & safety measures are compliant with legislation and best practice. Simply answer a few questions about the health & safety of your business and one of our advisors will be in touch with you with a follow-up report.

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A little more about FD People.

At FD People, we offer bespoke solutions for HR services, Health & Safety services and Payroll services.  We offer clients peace of mind and the hands on HR support, Health and Safety support and Payroll support you need to run your business.  We provide the right set of expertise to combat any people or human resource challenges you may face. We work with clients from a wide range of sectors and locations. Our main offices are based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling in Scotland but we also look after clients from the rest of Scotland and even across England and the rest of the UK.  Including London, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Wales, Newcastle, Carlisle etc. Wherever your business is based, we are able to help and offer the support you need.

As part of the French Duncan family (which also includes accountancy, tax, corporate advisory and restructuring advice) we know the importance of a pragmatic and efficient HR function, and that’s why we chose to establish a stand-alone HR consultancy, so our clients could outsource human resources to us, allowing them to concentrate on running their business.

Human Resources is often seen as a transactional function – a necessary service to tick the boxes required in the increasingly litigious world. But after the past few years of COVID, it is now even clearer why HR is critical for all businesses with employees. It is what ensures organisations survive through challenges and change, with people at the heart and achieving positive outcomes for the business.

And yet HR is never straightforward. So at FD People we help businesses work through complex employment challenges. As we embark on this new era of work, it couldn’t be a better moment to engage with a strong, adaptable, bespoke HR partner to help you navigate the years ahead.