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The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Public Holiday – FAQ

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With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee nearing, and an upcoming additional bank holiday to celebrate this, many employers will have questions about what this means for them.  We have compiled our Frequently Asked Questions to help you manage this.

What is this bank holiday for?

2022 marks the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch to reach 70 years on the throne and the government and royal family have teamed together to organise events in early June. 

Why is the bank holiday in June?

Although the actual date of the Queen’s Anniversary of accession to the throne is 6th February it is also the date of her father’s death. So as not to celebrate too close to that date, they decided that the first weekend in June would be an appropriate date for festivities for the Jubilee.

When is the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday?

The Queen’s Jubilee Bank holiday is Friday 3rd June 2022.

Is it a 2-day bank holiday (4-day weekend) for the Queen’s Jubilee?

Only one day is dedicated to the Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday (3rd June 2022) but the late May/Spring Bank Holiday has been moved for this year to Thursday 2nd June 2022 to make this a 4-day weekend.

Is this holiday permanent?

This is not a permanent holiday. This will only be this year due to it being the Queen’s Jubilee. Then next year it will go back to normal. There will not be a bank holiday in June next year and the Late May/Spring Bank holiday will revert to 29th May 2023.

Does this mean I have to give my staff an extra day’s holiday this year?

This will depend on the wording in your contracts of employment.  Below are the most common types of wording in contracts of employment: 

  • If your contract of employment states specific bank holiday days such as Boxing Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day etc., then your staff are only entitled to receive the public holidays noted in the list.
  • Some contracts of employment will state an annual entitlement e.g. 28 days per annum and will outline that this is inclusive of public holidays which will be specified each year.  In this scenario, you could choose to recognise the additional day, and this would come out of annual entitlement.  
  • If your contracts of employment state that your staff get a specific number of days of annual entitlement and all public/bank holidays, but it does not specify which public holidays, then your staff would be entitled to get this extra day.

What if their contract says that they are entitled to all bank holidays, but I need them to work the Jubilee Bank holiday?

In the scenario where a contract states all public holidays are recognised, the additional public holiday will be treated the same as any other public holiday that employees are required to work. Namely the additional holiday would go back into the staff member’s entitlement to be used at another time during the holiday year.

Can I opt to give staff the additional day regardless of what is in their contract?

Of course, you can decide to give an extra day to staff to celebrate regardless of what your contracts of employment state.  It’s a good idea to put something in writing if you are recognising the extra day. Whether that be an email or memo, to advise that this is a discretionary, one-off gesture.  You could state in your communication for absolute clarity that recognising this additional holiday does not set a precedent that you will always recognise additional public holidays. In addition, you could make clear to staff that this gesture does not increase their holiday entitlement in future years. 

What can I do to recognise the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee if I need staff to work?

Many businesses will not be in a position to close for the Platinum Jubilee. But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore the event.  There are lots of things you can do to motivate staff who are working by engaging in the celebrations. Including having TV commentary in the background to organising a team event such as an afternoon tea to celebrate.  

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