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5 Ways To Show Your Staff You Care This Valentine’s Day!

Seminar: 18th Jan, 2022

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to look at all the important relationships in your life, and that includes your employees!  We have compiled our top 5 ways to show employee appreciation in the workplace and let your employees know how much you care without having to write a soppy valentine’s card. Try it out and see if your employees are sending you a love note this time next year

1. Induction

Just like first dates, first impressions are important!  An employee’s first day is their introduction to their new job and what their working life will likely be like. Putting time and effort into your induction process will help with this, along with providing a mentor for a new start for the first few weeks can help them feel supported by you.

2. Staff Engagement Surveys

Asking staff to complete a survey providing their thoughts on their working life shows them you value their opinion.  It will also help you gauge staff engagement levels, what you do well and where improvements could be made.  You could either design your own survey, or you could utilise an employee survey company to benchmark against other employers.

3. Competitive Employee Benefits

With less than 50% of the UK’s working population happy with the benefits their employer provides, your benefits package could be one for review. Having competitive benefits not only shows your staff you care but it can also potentially help with staff retention. You could utilise our previous tip of employee surveys to find out what benefits employees would like to see most

4. Staff Events

Now that the coronavirus restrictions are reducing it allows businesses to get the party (re)started! Workplace events organised by the company will show employees that their employer is looking out for their wellbeing.  It’s a chance for staff to let loose a little and strengthen relationships with their colleagues. Set up a social committee and get your first post-COVID night out in the diary

5. Training and Promotion Opportunities

Looking internally when vacancies arise and giving your current staff the opportunity to apply has several benefits.  They already have in-depth knowledge of the business, and if employees see progression opportunities, it may make them less likely to move elsewhere. Additionally, investing in training opportunities for employees will let employees know you care about their individual development and will improve the expertise of your workforce.

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