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Scotland Fire Safety Changes Implications for Homeworkers

Seminar: 18th Jan, 2022

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Interlinked Fire Alarms in Scotland

In accordance to the fire safety new law, every home in Scotland must have interlinked fire alarms in place. To sum up, by interlinked fire alarms, it means if one goes off, they all go off.  The new law has come about after the occurrence of the Grenfell fire in London back in in 2017, and it applies to all Scottish homes. 

Therefore, homeworkers in Scotland should be aware of this new requirement and their responsibility to ensure their home complies legally.  The new law came into force on 1 February 2022 and provides flexibility for people to fit the necessary alarms within a ‘reasonable period’ after this deadline.

In summary, this is the property owner’s responsibility, and every home must have:

  • one smoke alarm in the living room or the room used most
  • one smoke alarm in every hallway or landing
  • one heat alarm in the kitchen
  • all smoke and heat alarms should be mounted on the ceiling and be interlinked.

Additionally, if there is a carbon-fuelled appliance – such as a boiler, fire, heater, or flue, there must also be a carbon monoxide detector in that room. However, you do not need to link this detector to the fire alarms.

In accordance to this new fire safety law, we have updated our Hybrid Working/DSE Self-Assessment form template to include interlinked fire alarms. Please download a free template here.

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