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Lighten the load: musculoskeletal disorders campaign

Seminar: 18th Jan, 2022

Join us for an insightful seminar on embracing the new world of work in 2022

Our expert FD People team will provide their insight and practical solutions to approaching new ways of working.


What are musculoskeletal disorders?

One of the most prevalent and overlooked health and safety hazards at work are musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) – or in layman’s terms injuries and damage caused to muscles, joints and tendons caused or aggravated by work or the effects of the immediate work environment. You can download our free fact sheet here.

What causes musculoskeletal disorders?

When we talk about MSD’s its not unusual to picture lifting, carrying, moving, and handling heavy items or loads – and while these do cause injuries, MSD’s also affect a raft of work sectors and occupations and have the potential be highly detrimental to an individual’s quality of life and ability to work. They are one of the most common causes of disability, sickness absence and early retirement, all of which come at a cost to the individual, employers, and the economy as a whole.

According to the 2019 European survey of enterprises on new and emerging risks, identified the following risk factors: –

  • repetitive hand or arm movements (reported by 65%). 
  • prolonged sitting (61%),
  • lifting or moving people or heavy loads (52%);
  • time pressure (45%)
  • tiring or painful positions (31%)

Despite efforts to prevent, they remain at the top of the list of work-related health problems, often occurring in combination with other health problems.  Employers have a responsibility to ensure that workplace risks are properly assessed and controlled and must acknowledge the need to take the lead on a preventative approach.

What can I do to alleviate musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace?

With this in mind, FD People will be focusing on MSDs in the workplace over the coming months with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing and providing practical advice and tools to assist employers identify and manage risks.

We will kick off our campaign with a free workshop exploring manual handling risk assessment and over the following months we will focus on specific areas of risk as follows: –

  • Prevention
  • Chronic conditions
  • Sedentary work
  • Future generations
  • Psychosocial risks
  • Telework

Click here for a free download for a Musculoskeletal Health Employers Checklist.

Watch out for more information and useful content that will assist in identifying and managing musculoskeletal disorders in your business or contact us today for advice and support.

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