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Equality and diversity during the festive season

Seminar: 18th Jan, 2022

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As with every month of the year, December and the festive period should be no exception for businesses to promote equality and diversity. The festive season can be a time that employees look forward to with lots of celebrations. Below are some practical tips on what businesses can do to keep EDI at the forefront to ensure you give your employees a positive experience.

How to promote equality and diversity during festive period

  • It is good to keep in mind that not all of your employees will celebrate Christmas. Calling ‘Christmas’ events ‘festive’ events can encompass all celebrations without leaving out certain beliefs.
  • Treat the end of year/ festive celebrations to celebrate your people and not just the holiday season. Celebrate all the positive actions of this year, where the business as a whole or any individuals have excelled.
  • Have a party planning committee with different ideas to share, and encourage people from different backgrounds to join the committee. Having a party planning committee that represents your business’ demographic can increase the likelihood of events being a success for all employees.
  • Celebrate different cultures that are in your business, for example see if there are any festive foods or traditions that employees would like the business to take part in this year. Promote these events where you can, this can show your employees you embrace their culture and can introduce other employees to festive events or culinary treats they may not have been exposed to.
  • Ask for feedback from all staff on what activities they would like to see for this year’s festivities, and what did they like or not like from last year. You can also use employee feedback to find out which dates are best for company-wide or team events, to ensure it does not coincide with any holy days or for days where parents can find childcare.
  • Ensure that any festive parties have suitable alternatives for those who have restrictions on alcohol or certain foods for health or religious reasons. No employees should be treated differently for their decisions to not eat certain foods or not to drink alcohol so any mistreatment should be addressed swiftly and appropriately.
  • The festive period can be a difficult time for some individuals if they are far from home or are dealing with personal issues that are triggered by this time of year. Make sure managers are checking in with staff, use this time to see how they are and pinpoint any resources available for them.

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