Feeling hot hot hot! Managing hot temperatures at work

fan in an office

Working in hot weather is never ideal. But fortunately, there are measures that employers can take to mitigate the risks of hot temperature at work. There are no legal maximum temperature requirements for workplaces, but the law does require employers to ensure workers are comfortable and safe. So the temperature is something that employers must […]

The importance of having fun in a hybrid world

People in office

Working in the hybrid world has fast become commonplace in the UK, almost overnight becoming the preferred way of working for many employees. It can provide flexibility to individuals and help businesses run with a higher degree of agility when implemented successfully. However, through working with a wide range of businesses, we have identified a […]

Recent Changes to Fit Notes for Your Employees


To help alleviate some of the pressures placed on GPs, the government has come up with a couple of changes to the way fit notes are issued.  Firstly, from 06 April 2022 fit notes are able to be issued and received digitally. This ties in with the increasing use of telephone or online GP appointments now being […]

FD People expands H&S team with appointment of Michelle Sneyd

Photo of Michelle Sneyd

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Michelle Sneyd to our Health & Safety team, as Senior H&S Consultant. Please visit the French Duncan website to read the full article. French Duncan’s HR consultancy ‘FD People’ expands Health & Safety advisory team Meet the Health & Safety team Click here to see Lee Craig’s […]

Workplace transport safety


Workplace transport accidents were the second largest contributor to workplace fatalities in 2021-22: 23 deaths, 19% of all fatalities. Construction and agriculture remain the highest risk industries, but transport accidents can occur anywhere where vehicles are used, especially in close proximity to pedestrians. Careful examination and planning of the workplace and traffic routes will result […]

Fire Safety: Returning to Work and Hybrid Working

fire alarm

With hybrid and flexible working becoming the ‘new normal’, an important inclusion is a review of your fire risk. Fire risk assessments are a legal requirement of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and The Fire (Scotland) Act 2005. They should be carried out and reviewed regularly or whenever there has been a significant […]

Health & Safety responsibilities of board members & business owners

With the recent jailing of two business owners following the deaths of two of their employees, it’s time to remind business owners and board members of their health and safety responsibilities for protecting their staff and others who may be affected by your activities. It is an essential part of risk management and getting it […]

Supporting employees who are going through menopause

woman on laptop

Menopause has become a growing topic among businesses with more employees than ever before feeling empowered to speak up about their experiences. There has been a record number of tribunal cases in recent years concerning employees’ treatment at work while going through menopause. It impacts a significant proportion of the working population so having an […]

How can I support LGBTQIA+ employees in the workplace?

Group of employees talking

June is Pride month, stemming from the stonewall protests in the late ‘60s, and is representative of people coming together to celebrate their differences and being themselves. It is also an opportunity for many businesses to reflect on their day to day practices and consider ways in which they can take steps to be more […]

How should I manage absences under the latest ‘Stay at Home’ guidance?

Person blowing their nose

After two plus years of coronavirus restrictions, it is good to see life returning to close to normal and measures moving away from legislative requirements to being recommended guidance. With these changes, many businesses have found it challenging to apply the updated guidance in practice and are unsure how it applies to managing Covid related […]