World of HR & Employment Law in 2023: What to expect?


It would be fair to say that the end of 2022 was a turbulent time for the UK and our economy. An energy and cost of living crisis tagged on to the end of a worldwide pandemic was not really what we wanted or needed in our personal lives nor in business. It would seem […]

Working in cold temperatures: Are you turning down the heating?

I went Christmas shopping recently at a couple of indoor shopping centres. Amidst the plunging temperatures as seen all over the UK, I noticed that most of the shops were as cold inside as it was outside. Staff at the tills were visibly cold, some were even wearing gloves. After speaking to a few of […]

Equality and diversity during the festive season

As with every month of the year, December and the festive period should be no exception for businesses to promote equality and diversity. The festive season can be a time that employees look forward to with lots of celebrations. Below are some practical tips on what businesses can do to keep EDI at the forefront […]

How to Support Employees with the Cost of Living Crisis

person holding money

A large proportion of people and businesses have been impacted by the ‘cost of living crisis’ which has been extensively covered in the news over recent months. This term refers to the fall in ‘real’ disposable incomes – after tax and benefits and adjusted for inflation – that the UK has experienced since late 2021. […]

Louise McCosh interview with Best Startup UK

Louise McCosh photo

FD People Managing Director Louise McCosh recently spoke to Best Startup UK to explain what sets FD People apart, and why we are a great choice for any startup businesses that are looking for tailored HR, Health & Safety and Payroll services. Click here to read the full interview on the Best Startup UK website. […]

Conduct vs Capability at Work

man working from home

When employers become aware of performance issues with an employee, it is important that you assess if they are just being complacent or if they are simply unable to complete the task as required. What do we mean by conduct and capability? It is important that employers are aware of the difference in definitions between […]

Further Update on Calculating Holiday Pay

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Introduction Following on from our September article regarding recent changes to calculating holiday pay, we know that many people are still struggling to get their head around what this means for their business in practice. To support with this challenge, we have reviewed the matter further and have put together the below recommendations. Recap – […]

Lighten the load: musculoskeletal disorders campaign


What are musculoskeletal disorders? One of the most prevalent and overlooked health and safety hazards at work are musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) – or in layman’s terms injuries and damage caused to muscles, joints and tendons caused or aggravated by work or the effects of the immediate work environment. You can download our free fact sheet […]

Right to Work checks – what you need to know

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What are right to work checks? As part of the onboarding process right to work checks are a vital part of ensuring businesses are compliant with the law. So, what are right to work checks? They are checks employers carry out with new staff members to ensure they have legal authority to work in the […]

Automation – the solution to staffing challenges?

Louise McCosh & Andrew Guy

Within the ‘hot topics’ discussed in Boardrooms across the UK right now, they probably include staffing challenges and automation.  And whilst the two might first appear quite separate elements, managed by separate departments, they are actually interlinked.  Even in one of the most visible ‘business’ issues of the past few months, the RMT rail strike, […]